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tips for healthy heart
Heart is a vital organ owned by humans. Heart an organ that works very hard in our body, the heart is one organ that plays a role in the circulatory system that works 24 hours without stopping. When the heart has stopped beating, it is certain death. All men would want his heart always healthy. Keeping the heart to stay healthy is the duty of every individual. So how to keep the heart in order to stay healthy? Previously we must know beforehand traits characteristics heart disease.

"The characteristics heart disease can be detected carefully. If you experience pain in the chest (like punctured), and then a sense of palpitations fast, often experience shortness of breath, tingling in some parts of the body,  cold sweat accompanied out of the body. This is an indication your heart is in trouble. "

We also know the heart failure and coronary heart disease. Symptoms of heart failure usually exposed insomnia or trouble sleeping at night, the foot became swollen, you tired quickly even with mild activity and symptoms such as shortness of breath. For coronary heart disease occur due to blockage of blood vessels especially the arteries of the heart hardened. So that the blood circulation that supplies blood to the heart get problems.

      Health tips this time an article related to heart. Here are tips to keep the heart in order to stay healthy:

1. For those of you who have the habit of smoking. So from now cease from these unhealthy habits. You need to know, smokers have a great chance of heart attack than those who do not have the habit of smoking at all.

2. Try to reduce excessive salt intake. Because it can lead to high blood pressure. Thus increasing coronary heart disease.

3. Diligent and increase the intensity of regular exercise every morning. In this case, can be a leisurely walk or run for half an hour or more.

4. A variety of problems that threw your mind can affect your heart health. Try to take the time to watch TV shows that contain comedy. So that you can laugh out loud and calm your mind.

5. You can also take the time to vacation or travel to somewhere fun. So can refresh your mind which is also very good impact on your heart health.

6. You should reduce or even drink containing alcohol. This is because alcohol can damage your heart muscle.
7. The importance of maintaining an ideal body weight. The ideal body weight is also very in need to keep your heart healthy. To determine if your ideal weight, you can calculate it easily. That is your height minus 100 then multiply by 90 percent, then you will get the ideal weight should be. For examples your height 173 cm : (173-100) * 90% = 66.7 kg.

8. Eat fruits and vegetables contain many different vitamins that your heart needs such as spinach, avocado and nuts and reduce foods that have very high cholesterol levels.

    A balanced diet really helps keep your heart healthy. In this case we have to get used to eating a variety of foods that contain a variety of nutrients as well. Vegetables such as spinach and avocado and nuts are very good for your heart health. Spinach is a vegetable that is very good for our heart. This is because spinach contains a lot of potassium in very high and low in sodium which is very good for keeping your heart healthy. For the avocado, the fruit is very good for your heart health. This is because, avocados contains a lot of potassium 7 types of fiber and contain vitamins that are good for your heart, which is vitamin E. For nuts, there are two types of cashew nuts and almond. Two types of food contain lots of omega 3 which is very good for your heart health.

Simple tips, want to lower your risk of heart disease? Drink only water. Perhaps the phrase is fairly simple, but that the results of a study conducted by researchers from Loma Linda University in California.
Research shows people who drink at least five glasses of water a day more rarely die from a heart attack than those who drank less than two glasses of water every day.

This analysis was based on a study involving 8280 men and 12 017 women ranging in age from 38 years. Six-year study led by Jacqueline Chan, DrPH and his colleague Synnove Knutsen, MD, PhD, noted the incidence and progression of coronary heart disease. Of these 246 respondents died of heart disease.

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology mention the risk of a heart attack on respondents who drink more than 5 cups per day reduced to 41 percent. While the risk condition in men who consumed other beverages including tea, coffee, juice, milk and alcohol remain at high risk of heart attack.

Chan say, who drink water will be absorbed into the bloodstream, it can reduce the thickness of the blood vessels, so the risk of heart attack triggered by a blood clot would be reduced.

Instead another drink will thicken the blood vessels, the article after the digested material will contain the same concentration of the blood.
Unlike aspirin and alcohol may reduce the risk of heart attack but accompanied by other health problems, while the water is cheap, easy to obtain and hold harmless.

       Good tips that health characteristics can prevent heart disease plus worthwhile for all readers.


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